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Sessions Rolls Sessions Shire Hall or King’s Hall
Wapentakes or Hundreds Parishes Residents in Parishes
Trades and occupations Magistrates Clerks of the Peace
Monthly Meetings Treasurer High Sheriff
Coroners Constables Chief Constables
Petty Constables Appointment of Marshalls Informers
Hue and Cry Recognisances Indictments and Presentments
Juries Counsel Contempt of Court
Contemptuous words against Justices Contemptuous words against Officers of the Court Assizes
Gaol House of Correction Stocks
Pillory Whipping The Cucking Stool
Outlawry The King’s Pardon Privilege of Sanctuary
Benefit of Clergy Privilege Murder and Manslaughter
Arson Poisoning Perjury
Larceny Horse Stealing Sheep Stealing
Other Animals Stolen Farm Produce and Implements Other Articles Stolen
Burglary, Housebreaking, &c. Stealing from Churches Stealing of Timber or Underwood
Stealing of Ferns Pocket Picking Counterfeit Money
Probate and Administration Adultery Incest
Rape Incontinence Prostitutes
Bigamy Bad Behaviour Idleness and Dissolute Conduct
Common Barretor, Etc. Swearing Tale-bearer
Night Walkers Eavesdropping Drinking and Drunkenness
Threats and Abusive Language Libel and Slander Witchcraft
Conspiracy and False Accusation Illegal Arrests Lent
Maintenance Weights and Measures Wife Desertion
Alehouses Malt Baking
Assize of Bread and Ale Unlawful Games Playing a Pipe
Lord’s Day Riot, Assault, Affray, &c. Fighting
Trespass Forcible Entry Manorial Courts
Prebendal Courts Liberties of the Archbishop of York Parochial Officials
Commons and Fields The Common Pound Bull
Mole Catching Ditches and Drains Streams, Rivers and Watercourses
Salmon Fishing Dam Corpse in River
Flax and Hemp Floods Water Supply at Wysall
Encroachment or Enclosure Arable and Pasture Land Farm and Farm Buildings
Gates Hedges Fences
Boundary Marks Beacon The Brewhouses under Nottingham Castle
Boundary Disputes Cruelty to Animals Impounded Cattle
Dove Cote Dogs Servants and Wages
Workmen Nuisances Highways
Repair of Highways Obstructions to Highways Diversion of Highways
Stopping Up of Ways Churchways Fords
Ferries Bridges Damage to Bridges
Fishing Selling of Fish Game
Archery Shooting Musters
Military Pensions for Maimed Soldiers Relief of Soldiers and Families
Billeting of Soldiers Saltpetre County Rate of Levy
Levy Taxes Extortion
Tithes Tolls at Blyth Chimney Money
Excise Salt Plague
Fires Robberies Sherwood Forest
Allegiance Disloyalty Papist Conspiracy
Purveyance Loan to the King Post
Rogues, Vagrants, &c. Gipsies Cripples and Lame Persons
Settlement of Poor People Relief of Poor People Lunatics
Bastardy Cottages Inmates or Lodgers
Apprentices Forestalling, Engrossing and Regrating Badgers and Drovers
Illegal Buying and Selling Trading Unlawfully Horse Leather
Religion Popish Recusants Absence from Church
Baptism Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper Sacrament Certificate
Nonconformity in Church Sectaries and Schismatics Conventicles
Dissenters Quakers Misbehaviour in Church and Churchyard
Church Repairs Seats in Church Churchwardens
Parish Registers Parish Clerk Ejected Ministers
Repair of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London    

Appendix A. List of persons presented as Popish Recusants in the reigns of James I. and Charles I.

Appendix B. List of persons presented as Popish Recusants in 1660, the first year after the Restoration of King Charles II.

Appendix C. Persons presented for “absence from church for one month” during the reigns of Charles II. and James II.

Appendix D. List of persons presented as “Sectaries” prior to the year 1642.

Appendix E. List of Clergymen whose names appear in the Records during the seventeenth century